Conversation in my head

The boys love watching the fish at Wal-Mart.  I should buy them a small tank with a few fish.

Am I crazy?  Who will be feeding and cleaning said fish?  I’m about to have a baby.  I barely have time to water the plants.  Wait- what day is this?  Excuse me.

But they would be so happy with the fish.  Maybe it would be a perfect gift for when the baby comes.  It’ll give them something to take care of and make them feel big.

Did you not hear me before?  Are you crazy?  The responsibility would fall on your shoulders.  Like everything else.

I took care of Fish well enough.

Fish was a survivor.  We could have won money if we trained him to fight.  You let him go green half the time.  What kind of responsibility would that be teaching?

This would be like training for a real pet like a puppy in a year or two.

Um, don’t you remember what you told The Husband?  No pets until everyone in the household can and does pick up after themselves.

The Husband wanted a cow.  For milking.

It’s still a good rule.  Who picked up Mr. Burns’ poop when he was with us?

Point taken.  Fine.

I’m glad you can see reason.  Even if this all took place in your head.

At least it wasn’t out loud.  As usual.

Point taken.

But still a couple of fish . . . .

Lord.  Feed me some chocolate.  We’ll discuss this later.