A First for the Book

Last week I was reading Naptime Writing, a brilliant, insightful, and often funny blog, (To check out more of these kinds of blogs, just go to my blog roll {How’s that for a plug 😉 }) she wrote about Firsts that should be in the baby book.

Friday, I was tempted to write her an email about it.

Because we had a first that wasn’t in the baby book.

And I am personally holding Nap responsible for jinxing me.

Tornado E’s first time sent to the principal’s office.

A proud moment for any mom.

I stood with the other moms, talking, as the kids were let out one by one.  The teacher would spot a parent and call the child out to hug his/her mom or just to thrust the papers at her before running off the play tag in the court yard.  (We can all thank Tornado E for that development.)  I waited, waited, and waited, noticing that moms were receiving hugs.  I was early that day, so I was a little surprised that I was waiting for so long.  Then I remembered I was waiting for my fidgeting son.

After all the moms had a child, the teacher crooked her finger at me.  I looked around and made a mental marker at where Tornado S was and proceeded to the teacher.  I thought that Tornado E had had another accident.  Awesome.

But, no.  The teacher told me Tornado E has “a rough day,” then preceded to tell me that he was sent to time out and then to the principal’s office.  For the stuff we were working on for the last year.  The not listening.  The touching other kids.  The usual Tornado E stuff.  Only that day Tornado E wouldn’t settle down, wouldn’t listen.  I asked the teacher what I could do to help.  She just told me to keep working on his issues and that she told him she would be talking to me.  Yeah, I can’t imagine that being much of a threat.

So when we got to my parents’ house, where I was making dinner for everyone, I sat Tornado E down and asked him about his day.  “Fine.”  Ok, how about this?  Why did you get in trouble?  Between what Tornado E told me (dumping out a box of toys during clean up time) and what the teacher told me, we had a long discussion over how to act in school.

Hopefully that will work.  God, I hope that’ll work.

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