If smells could be shushed

Evan won’t use his potty when it comes to having a bowl movement.  He nearly has a panic attack if I don’t put a diaper on him.  He strongly believes it’ll hurt, telling me “Mommy, you go in the potty.  That’s good for you.  That’s not good for me!  I go in the diaper.”  Huh.  Not wanting to do any psychic damage, I give in.  So he asks for a diaper, and most of the time, he hates getting it changed.  He would rather play in a dirty diaper than get changed.  It’s crazy! 

So the other day, I put him in a diaper, just as he asked.  He ran to his new favorite pooping place, the toy area behind the love seat.  A few minutes later as I sat on the love seat, I couls smell a distinct odor.

Me: Did you go poop?

Evan: Yes. (Well, at least he didn’t lie.  The only lie he ever tells)

Me: Do you need to be changed?

Evan: (finger to his lips) Shh.  Mommy, shh.  (whispers) Be quiet.

Me: Why?

Evan: The wind is saying something.

Me: (whispering also) You still need to be changed.  Your diaper is stinky.

Evan: (with finger to hs lips)  Shh.  (Places his finger on my lips) That’s not for me.

Right.  I stand up and walk around the love seat.

Evan: (in a panic)  No, no, Mommy!  Stay there!  Shh!  It’s not for me!

Well, it’s too bad you can’t silence smells.  I cleaned him and helped him back into his underwear.  Off ran Evan as noisy and loud as usual.