What’s in a Name?

A few months ago, Evan started naming things.  I was expecting this development much earlier than it came as several times I had asked him the name of the toy he held.  Now he comes up with so many unique names.


First came Circle.  Circle is the name of a yellow seahorse, meant to spray water in the bath.  For some reason, Evan has become very attached to Circle.  It’s a change from carrying around a flashlight, a sword, or a wooden spoon.


Circle has a best friend named Puddle, a purple elephant also a bath toy.  So Circle and Puddle joined Evan on many trips, and for a while, they were the only creatures with names.  When asked if one of the other toys had a name, Evan would run and grab Circle and Puddle, showing that these two toys had names.


Then after the last trip to Arizona, Evan named the rocking horse, Athena, after my parents’ dog.  Granted Evan only calls the horse ‘Thena, like every other person in the house calls Athena, ‘Thena.  (I call her Athene.)   Because a horse is a horse, Evan also named his stick horse Athena, yet both horses are referred to as a he.  Go figure. So now we have four toys with names.


Yesterday Evan informed me that his teddy bear’s name was Teddy.  It lacks in originality, but I can’t complain; my teddy bear was named Teddy.  Today he named a toy ladybug Fido.  I’m assuming it’s after The Upside Down Show.  (Has any one else seen this show?  It’s crazy and oddly stimulating.) 


Believing that it is giving me a unique look into Evan’s mind, I enjoy listening to him name his toys.  I guess it’s all about how some one sees the world and takes ownership over it, putting a unique personality to it.  I wonder what he’ll come up with next.