Little Rock Star

It seems that Evan has inherited the ability to sing made-up songs.  Unfortunately that came from me, and I can’t sing to save my life, through I can pretend I can (unfortunately for my husband).  Yesterday Evan was using the tricycle handle to loudly sing into.  This was not the usual slow pace, understand all the lyrics song; this was a scream in the microphone with all your rage song.


He moved onto the crank handles of our living room window.  When I asked him what he was doing, he stopped, turned, and said, “Sh, Mommy.  I’m singing.  I’m trying to rock out.”


Hmm.  I wonder if it’s all the exposure to the alternative rock channel or Guitar Hero.  But rock away, little guy.


As a side note: Another day with two differnt naps days, so please forgive the quick read, if it’s too quick.  I’ll try for a longer post.  Wish me luck.