What song?

About once a week I get to pick up Tornado E at school without boys.  (It’s like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders/arms for fifteen minutes.)  On this day, I can talk and ask questions without interrupting myself to say “Don’t hit your brother,” “Keep your hands off your brother,” “Don’t give the baby that toy,” and “Don’t practice laughing because it makes the baby laugh because it’s too loud.”

Tornado E: Today, at school, we learned about, Heaven and Hell.

Ok.  I knew there would be a backlash to sending my child to a Christian school.  But I was sure the Heaven-vs-Hell talk didn’t happen until the child was old enough to understand sin.  I thought I had a few years.  Crap.

Tornado E: And I raised my hand and told the teacher, that Uncle M, had a really COOL Hell song.

I guess I forgot about The Friendly Giant’s music taste and the fact he has taken it upon himself to educate my boys in the finer things of live.  Alternative rock.  Which I was fine with because that’s what I blasted around the boys, though tempered with The Beatles, Jewel, some country, and of course, classic protest songs of the ’60’s.  And all this was tied into one little word.  Crap.

Me: So what did the teacher say?

Tornado E: (in a disappointed and sullen voice) Nothing.

Me: Please tell Uncle M this story when you get to your grandma’s house.

And my ever-obedient son (I know, that was tongue in cheek) ran to The Friendly Giant’s room the minute he got into the house.  After a moment, I heard the loud and pure laughter of my brother ringing through the house.

I related the story to my parents later.

Papi: Tornado E could you sing us the song?

Tornado E: Ok.  (pause)  Where do bad people go when they die?  They don’t go to heaven where the angels fly.  The go to a lake of fire and fry.

And it was perfect pitch, tune, and tone.

Thank God, he didn’t sing it at school.

I’m happy. I’m feeling glad.

Jane at They Call Me Jane has a Tunes for Tuesday post every Tuesday.  It’s really neat, so I suggest you check it out, though most of you may read her already.  So in honor of Jane, I’ll tell you what’s been playing in my head for days and days and days.

I’m happy.  I’m feeling glad.

I’ve got sunshine in a bag.

I’m useless, but not for long.

My future is coming on, is coming on.

Yup, Gorillaz’s “Clint Eastwoord” circa summer 2001.  (I’d imbed the video, but I’m not that tech suave.)

I think I mentioned Tornado E has learned to sing the refrain, and now he has learned there’s a music video.  A CARTOON music video.  So we have to watch it and play it over and over and over.  The kid even does the woo hoo’s in the beginning.  If I didn’t like the refrain so much, I would be bother by now.  The Husband feels like it’s mold growing on the inside of his brain, but he learned earlier that one single negative comment from Daddy will turn Tornado E’s opinion.  Luckily, The Husband doesn’t want to do that and has forced himself to enjoy the song.  Of course, The Friendly Giant (my baby brother, aka the best uncle in the world, aka the number one person in both of the boys’ eyes) loves the song, so I think Daddy’s opinion wouldn’t hold much water after The Friendly Giant plays it off his computer.

The best part of this is that Tornado S is now singing it.

I’m glad.

I’m sunshine.

I’m glad.

I’m sunshine.

Which is sing to the tune.  It’s hilarious and adorable all at the same time.  Sooooo, I’m happy.  I’m feeling glad.  I got sunshine in a bag.

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We got a band here

Evan: Old McDonald had a farm.  Ei-eio-.  And on that farm he had a cow-

Sean: Cow.

Evan: Ei-ei-o.  With a moo-moo here.  And a moo-moo there.  Here a moo.  There a moo.  Every where a moo-moo.  Ei-ei-o.

Sean: Oh.

Evan: Old McDonald had a farm. Ei-ei-o.  And on that farm he had a dog-

Sean: Da

Evan: Ei-ei-o.  With a ruff-ruff here.  And a ruff-ruff there.  Here a ruff.  There a ruff.  Every where a ruff-ruff.  Ei-ei-o

Sean: Oh.

Evan: Old McDonald had a farm.  Ei-ei-o.  And on that farm he had a Missing Blink.  Ei-ei-o.

Sean: Oh.

Evan: Mommy!  What does a Missing Blink sound like?

Me: I think he roars.

Sean: Ra!

Evan: Which a roar-roar here.  And a roar-roar there.  Here a roar.  There a roar.  Every where a roar-roar.  Ei-ei-o.

Sean: Oh!

Evan: Old McDonald had a farm.  Ei-ei-o.  And on that farm there was a . . . robot! Ei-ei-o.

Sean: Oh!

Evan: With a-  And a-.  Old McDonald had a farm.  Ei-ei-o!  And on that farm he had a B.O.B.  Ei-ei-o.

Sean: Oh!

Evan: With a Suuuuusan here.  And a Suuuuuuson there.  Oh, I think I scared myself. 

Sean: Oh.

Evan: Old McDonald had a farm.  Ei-ei-o.  And on his farm he had a city. Ei-ei-o.

Sean: Oh!

Me: What?

Evan: Old McDonald had a farm.

Me: But what did he have on his farm?

Evan: I don’t know.  Something.  What did it say?

Me: What did what say?

Evan: What did it say?!

Me: What did what say?

Evan: What. Did. It. Say? Mommy!

Me: (sigh) Old McDonald had a farm.  Ei-ei-o.  And on his farm he had a- (I point to Evan).

Evan: A city!

Sean: Ity!

Me: Oh, a city!

Evan: What does a city say?

Me: Hmmm, how about roar, rumble, honk!

Evan: With a roar-rumble-honk here.  And a roar-rumble-honk there.  Here a rumble-roar-honk.  There a rumble-roar-honk. Everywhere a rumble-roar-honk.  Ei-ei-o.

Sean: Oh!

Evan: Old McDonald had a farm.  Ei-ei-o.  And on his farm he had a silversaurus!  Ei-ei-o!

Sean: Oh!

Evan: With a roar-roar here! 

Sean: Roar!

Evan: And a roar-roar there!

Sean: Roar!

Evan:  Here a roar!  There a roar!  Everywhere a roar-roar! Ei-ei-oooooooo!

Sean: Ooooooooooooooooooh!  Yeah!  (He claps)


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Little Rock Star

It seems that Evan has inherited the ability to sing made-up songs.  Unfortunately that came from me, and I can’t sing to save my life, through I can pretend I can (unfortunately for my husband).  Yesterday Evan was using the tricycle handle to loudly sing into.  This was not the usual slow pace, understand all the lyrics song; this was a scream in the microphone with all your rage song.


He moved onto the crank handles of our living room window.  When I asked him what he was doing, he stopped, turned, and said, “Sh, Mommy.  I’m singing.  I’m trying to rock out.”


Hmm.  I wonder if it’s all the exposure to the alternative rock channel or Guitar Hero.  But rock away, little guy.


As a side note: Another day with two differnt naps days, so please forgive the quick read, if it’s too quick.  I’ll try for a longer post.  Wish me luck.