Storytime at Dinnertime

Evan: Mommy, I like snakes.  Can you tell me a story about snakes?


Me: Yes, just give me a second to finish cutting up Seanny’s steak.  Ok,  Once upon a time there were three snakes.


Evan: No, no, Mommy, not three snakes.  How about one snake?  Ok, three snakes.


Me: Once upon a time there were three snakes, and they were best friends. 


Evan: No, not friends.  Ok, best friends.


Me: And one day they decided to go out on an adventure.  Where did they go?  (To the zoo or Disneyland)


Evan: They were going to Halloween.  They needed costumes.  And Mommy Snake went to get them costumes.  They needed costumes.  Mommy Snake bought them costumes.


Me: What was the first snake?


Evan: It was a witch!


Me: What was the second snake?


Evan: It was a ghost!


Me: What was the third snake?


Evan: I don’t know.  It was a Halloween pumpkin!


Me: What did they do?


Evan: The Mommy Snake and the three Snakes went to Halloween.  And the Mommy Snake and the three Snakes went to a Halloween castle.  And they knocked.  And Daddy opened the door and said, “Happy Halloween, Mommy –“


Me: That was a good story.


Evan: “and Happy Halloween, Snakes!  Have some candy!”  Then they all had candy!  The End!


Me: That was a very good story, Evan.  Try the rice; you like rice.