What? I hate tag!

Beth at The Confused Homemaker (which you should try out if you haven’t because she’s smart and funny and all) tagged me the other day.  Thanks, Beth.  Really, thanks.  I’ve been beating my head since trying to figure out seven things I haven’t said in my blog.  I’ve come up with two, so I figured I just throw myself off a cliff and see what I can figure out while I write.

1.  I fight coming out from under anesthesia.  I’ve been under twice, and when I come out, I want out.  I sit up; I throw the mask off; and woe to the medical assistants and nurses that try to restrain me.  I push, punch, shove.  I think that probably should be in my medical records.

2.  I can twist my tongue so it looks like a C.  It’s a natural gift, but when I had tongue surgery as a kid, I had to work on it to get it back.

 3.  I can’t whistle.  No matter how hard I try, I can’t.

 4.  Speaking of whistles, my parents have a certain tune they whistled to get us kids to come.  My parents didn’t want to shout out our names in public, so this is what they decided to do.  It worked like a charm, carrying across crowded, loud public places.  The problem is when I hear it now I still stop what I’m doing and listen before realizing I’m an adult and I’m not shopping with my parents.

 5.  I slept with my teddy bear in to high school, only stopping because he was getting really beat up.  I never would kiss him in fear that I might slobber on him, so I sniffed his fur instead.  I also dressed him in a dress, even though he was a boy.

6.  I missed graduating with honors by a thousandth of a point.  But I did convince them to announce that I was graduating with honors when I received my diploma, so my family could here it.  That’s all that matters, right?  That and why the hell couldn’t they round up?

 7.  I’ve stolen from Disneyland.  I’m not proud of it now, but back when I was in college and going to Disneyland every week, my best friend and I would go to New Orleans Square, go into the pirate store and steal a plastic jewel every time we went.  They were charging 7 bucks for a tiny little bag of them; we were robbing from the rich.  Apparently they’ll let you still up to $100 of stuff before stopping you, though it’s a rumor I never tested.

Now I have to tag seven other people who you should all read and they should all attempt this.

1. Ink (because she always seems to give me homework)

2. Jane (because I think she’ll do it)

3. Gibby (but I’m not sure she’ll do it)

4. Evenshine (who I think will do it)

5. Dumb Mom (because I dare her to do it)

6. Incognito Mom (because I think she should do it)

7. You (because some of you are hoping to be tagged and I just can’t read minds yet but I’m working on it)

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