Yet Another Halloween Craft

Yes, another, but we haven’t done it yet.  We’re doing it after nap time, but I’ll let you know how it goes.  But since we’re running out of time, I figured I pre-post.  I found this awesome site that actually has ages on it’s crafts.  I also got this craft from the sight though I add to it because I thought it needed something extra as well as being more time consuming.

CD-ROM Pumpkin

Things you need:

  • CD or DVD disk (something you don’t want back)
  • Orange construction paper
  • Black construction paper
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Green construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • yarn or string

Using the CD has a guide make a circle out of the black and the orange paper.  Cut out the circles.  Cut out triangles for the eyes and nose and a mouth out of either the black or yellow paper.  Cut out a cressant or half circle the size of the CD out of the yellow paper.  (Just in case this last direction makes no sense at all, it will be the moon.)  Cut out a “stem” out of green construction paper.  Take the yarn and thread it throw the CD hole so that the CD can later hang from it.  Have the child clue the stem at the top of the CD.  Then glue the orange circle on that side and the black circle on the other side.  Have the child glue the moon on the black circle.  Have the child glue the face on the pumpkin.  Tada.

Halloween Countdown Calendar

So Evan is dying for Halloween.  It doesn’t help that everywhere we go there’s a Halloween store.  He just can’t wait to be a witch, or a ghost, or a bat, or whatever it is that comes to him mind that day.  So I was reading (a great blog, which I highly recommend if you haven’t seen it), and Heather posted about a Halloween countdown calender someone had toddler her about.  Well, no time like the present.  I will post this in crafts, but I figured parents out there might want to see this.  This will be a great activity for elementary school kids, but for toddlers, you will have to do most the work yourself.  I made the boys paper bracelets to keep them entertained. 

Materials you need:

  • several pieces of construction paper (black and orange look nice)
  • staples
  • scissors
  • Halloween picture (like a coloring Halloween sheet that you can have the kids color as you cut)

So allow the child color the Halloween picture and even the construction paper if you are inclined.  Fold the construction paper in thirds and then in half.  Using the folds as guides, cut the paper into strips.  Use the strips to make a chain, stapling the ends of each circle together.  Make as many links as there are days intil Halloween.  Staple the chain to the Halloween picture.  Now from the day you made the chain until Halloween, let the child tear off a link as a visual reminder to how far Halloween is away.

And yes, like Heather’s daughter, my son wanted to tear off all the links at once to have Halloween come sooner.  But every time, Evan asks for Halloween to be tomorrow, I point to the calender and tell him that when the links are gone, then it’ll be Halloween.