Valentine Crafts for Toddlers, Preschoolers, & Kids

It’s another holiday, and this time I remembered to do the crafts a little time before, unlike Chinese New Year.  For those new to the site, the crafts can be used for any age.  Depending on the ability of the child will determine how much you do and how much the child will do.  On top of these crafts, I also recommend doing a heart collage with contact paper or just letting the child make cards with heart stickers.


For all these crafts you will need hearts.  You can get these a number of ways.  The Faemom way is to grab a heart shape cookie cutter, trace a bunch of hearts, staple a bunch of construction paper together, and cut out the hearts.  But I hear that they have precut hearts and even cool foam hearts with glue backing at your local craft store.  Ah, the age we live in.


Heart Wreath

 (I thought this sounded so cute.  And I thank God I don’t load pictures here or you would see my horrible cutting because Evan decided he wanted to only put three on his, and Sean agreed.  But Sean is little, so I forced him to the end.  They did turn out cute.  I got it from this site: )


Things you need:

©      Hearts

©      Glue

©      Scissors

©      Paper plate

©      White paper (optional)


Now you can either cut out the center of the paper plate like I did for the wreath shape or you can have the child trace the paper plate on the paper and then you can cut that out.  Have the child glue the hearts on the wreath.  If you feel extra creative, glue a ribbon bow on the wreath.



Heart Bugs

(The Family Fun website has all kinds of cute Valentines, so I suggest you check them out.  They had a cute bug on their site using a Smarte wrapper.  As I didn’t feel like feeding my kids sugar and having them destroy the bug in seconds, we used Popsicle sticks instead.  The boys liked this craft, and they loved playing with the bugs.)


Things you need:

©      Two Hearts 

©      Glue 

©      Popsicle stick

©      Markers or crayons

©      Googly eyes (optional)


Have the child decorate the Popsicle stick.  Have the child glue the pointing end of the hearts on the stick, making the hearts look like wings.  Draw a face or glue gooly eyes.



Heart Flower

(Simple, cute.  The boys liked it, and I think they would make great Valentines for the grandparents.  I found it on this site:  And I forgot they used green hearts for the leaves.)


Things you need:

©      Four Hearts

©      Green construction paper

©      Any color construction paper

©      Scissors

©      Glue


Have the child cut a strip of green construction paper for the stem.  If you want to be creative, cut out flowers too.  Have the child glue the stem on to another piece of construction paper.  Have your child glue the hearts with the corners all meeting the middle so that the humps of the hearts are making a petal.  Glue the leaves if you have them.



Heart Mobile

(So I cut out lots of hearts and thought I needed to use them all.  This was fun.  The boys enjoyed coloring it.  They would only color three hearts, but your child can color as many as he/she would like.  Evan enjoyed playing with it until it was in little pieces, but at least Sean’s still hangs.)


Things you need:

©      Hearts

©      Construction paper (red, pink, white)

©      Black Marker or pen

©      Scissors

©      String, yarn or ribbon

©      Tape

©      Hole punch (optional)


On the construction paper draw a large spiral.  Depending on how complicated you want the mobile will determine the size of your spiral.  Depending on the child’s ability, you can have the child decorate the spiral before or after cutting it.  Have the child decorate the hearts.  Cut pieces of the string.  You can hole punch the hearts and tie the string, or you can just tape the string to the heart.  Tape the strings to different parts of the spiral.  Take a piece of string and tape it to the center of the spiral.  Hang the mobile from the string.

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