Bye-bye, bra-bra


For many months now Sean has called Evan with great affection “ba-ba” or “bra-bra,” depending on if Sean could twist his tongue around the “r” sound.  Obviously Sean has been calling Evan “brother.”


But last week Sean has dropped his “ba-ba” (or “bra-bra”) and started using the most grown-up and appropriate term, “Evan.”


Now when Sean calls Evan, it’s “Evan,” not “bra-bra,” which Evan never answered to any ways.  Not that Evan answers to “Evan” either, but you do have a slightly better chance than calling him “hey you.”


Now when Sean sees a picture of Evan, he says “Evan” as he points, and the crowd went wild over this new development.  Instead of Mommy gleefully exclaiming, “You’re right; brother,” Papi and Grandma excitedly said, “You’re right; Evan.  Let’s try again, and give you a cookie.”


So now I mourn the thought of my baby growing up, wishing he could stay cuddly and young.  But of course, “no” can mean “yes” and “peease” can mean anything from juice to green beans to “pick me up” to “I want that toy that’s thirty feet over there.”


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