Tracking Daddy*

Evan: Where’s Daddy?


I walked into the family room to check out how far the boys were in watching The Mickey Mouse Club.  I had heard my husband’s footsteps on the stairs on the way to our room a few minutes before; while I (ok, I’ll admit it) checked my blog stats from the day before.  (Ok, it sometimes drives me crazy to see the hits and where they’re coming from.  Sometimes I’m elated over the amount of traffic; sometimes I’m deflated.  It really sends my self-esteem through a roller coaster.)  But I was curious about Evan’s problem solving skills.


Me: I don’t know.


Evan: (Getting up and coming to the stairs out of the sunken family room.  Pointing)  Look!  Daddy paw prints!


Me: Wow!  Look at that!


Evan: Come on, Mommy!  Let’s follow them!


We walked in a crouch checking the prints, leaving Sean at base camp to man the radio and supplies.  We stalked through the jungle, looking for the elusive Daddy, who had just turned on the shower.  We moved pass the dining room, down into the foyer, into the office.  Evan was so sure he’s father would be working on the computer.


Evan: No Daddy here!


Me: (Seeing the disappointed look.)  Come on, Evan.  We must have been following old tracks.  We need to find the fresh ones.


Evan: Ok!  Look, Mommy!  Fresh paw prints!  They go up the stairs!


We climbed the trail following the tracks up the hill, down the hall way, into the master bedroom.


Evan: (checking the bed) No Daddy here!


We return to following the tracks through the bathroom to the shower.  Evan pulled the shower door open.


Evan: Look!  Daddy!  I found you!  I followed your paw prints!




*The regularly planned post was usurped due to a very unexpected morning nap.  Please enjoy another amusing antidote.  18 month year olds.  Geeze.




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