Evan: We’re playing taddette’s game!


Me: Taddette’s game?


Evan: No!   Toaddette’s game!


Me: Oh, toaddette’s game.


Evan: No!  toette’s game!


Me: Toette’s game?


Evan: No!  Toe-ES game, not toette’s game.


Me: Oh, Toe-ES game.


Evan: Yes, toe-es game.  You want to play toe-es game with me.  Let’s play.


Unfortunately I still do not have any clue what a toe-es is or how to play toe-es game.  Because as soon as we came to an agreement on how to pronounce said game, Evan immediately started jumping on the coach as the phone rang.  If any one knows of this new three-year-old’s version of a game, let me know.  I will assume you have a PhD in ancient cultures and tongues and have done years of field studies of young children, their linguistics, and their games and rituals.