Are you kidding?!



This morning I went in to check on Sean to find he had thrown up in the middle of the night and not cried out.  He’s running a fever as well.  He keeps bouncing from being happy and energetic to Mommy-I-need-you-to-hold-me.  I had to wash his blanky, which caused a flood of tears.


Add to that the house falling apart with lack of housework and the destructive path of two tornadoes and a husband.  Did I forget to mention I’m in the middle of several projects including crafts for Valentine’s Day and an upcoming baby shower (yes, I mean you, the Violinist)?  I am completely crazed and stressed, which my poor husband noted as I ticked off a list of must-do-today-or-the-world-falls-apart as he exited his shower.  (I’m a bit melodramatic and respect no one’s privacy.)  So if I don’t write a real post, you know why.  If I don’t respond to your witty, clever responses, you know why.  If I haven’t read your hilarious and insightful blog, you know why.  How I miss reading blogs. 


Oh, dryer beeped.  Gotta go!  Wait!  Is that the sound of tape being pulled?  Cra-