Aren’t you starting a little young?

Last year, Tornado E had a little girlfriend KJ.  She adored Tornado E talking about him all the time.  Tornado E adored her because she was energetic and loved playing tag.  KJ’s mom adored Tornado E because he was a sweet, bright kid.  I adored KJ because she was a whirlwind and a tomboy.  KJ’s dad was not in an adoring mood.  KJ’s attention has never wavered.  Tornado E’s has.

Tornado E: Daddy!  I have two girlfriends!

The Husband: From your lips to God’s ears, son.

I was less than amused at that comment, but we’re talking kindergartners here.  How much trouble could they get into?

A couple of days ago I had to gather up the boys right after school to go pay for Tornado E’s milk card.

Tornado E: K!  I have to go to the office!  We’ll be right back!

K came running in her bohemian outfit and boots.

K: That’s ok!  I’ll wait!

Then she kissed him on his cheek.

Tornado E pretended to faint.

K giggled and ran off.

Tornado E got back to his feet and beamed.

I cocked an eyebrow.

Me: My boy, you are melodramatic.

Tornado E: I’m not melodramatic!  I’m dramatic!

Oh, kid, I’m going to have to beat in gentlemanly behavior into you or you are going to lose your favorite appendage sooner rather than later.