Lessons in Comedy

The other day Sean fell down as he often does.  When I knew he was ok, I said my typical phrase for this sort of occasion.

Me: Oh-no.  Baby down!  Baby down!  (I helped Sean back to his feet.)

Evan: Mommy, you say that a lot.

Me: (smiling) I know.  It’s funny.

Evan: It’s only funny when we laugh.

Well, I thought it was funny.


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11 Responses to “Lessons in Comedy”

  1. Ink Says:

    Oh, I just want to give you a hug. (((Fae))) Monkey says stuff like that sometimes, so I can feel the circle of coolness tightening around the boys, gradually excluding the parental units, and it’s funny but it stings a little.

  2. Country-Fried Mama Says:

    House rule: If Mama says it’s funny, it’s funny.

  3. Court Says:

    I think it’s funny too!

  4. faemom Says:

    Ink~ We are slowly being set up to play against them.
    CFM~ I like that rule. It’s a good rule.
    Court~ Thank you. I’m glad I’m not only one.

  5. KathyB! Says:

    Wait until you get to 5th grade… In first grade the kids think I am HILARIOUS. In third grade they laugh (not sure if it’s with me or at me!), and 5th graders occasionally laugh but mostly look at me funny. I’m pretty sure that in middle school I will be asked to stay silent 😦
    I swear I’m funny, though…

  6. Gibby Says:

    I thought it was funny! And it was even funnier knowing that they didn’t think it was funny. I am so evil…

  7. tlc Says:

    Ha! Bet he said it with a smug sound in his voice too, huh?

  8. sunnymom Says:

    I usually ask Tooters when she falls down if she broke the floor or the wall that she just hit. Normally it makes her stop crying and she looks for the cracks then laughs at me. But we had a turn of events last night she looked at me and said, “Mom I know what you are doing and it is just not funny right now can’t you just snuggle me instead?”
    OMG when did she get old enough not to listen to my jokes and tricks to make the owies go away!!

  9. faemom Says:

    KathyB!~ I believe you, I really do. I know you’re funny. In high school, your daughters’ friends will think you’re funny but not your daughters. I think they’ll all appreciate our humor in twenty years or so.
    Gibby~ I swear my kid’s a comic genius.
    tlc~ Oh, he did. Perfect straight man.
    sunny~ Quick, we need an emergency meeting to solve this!

  10. ymK Says:

    I think it was funny too! And I used to play the same trick as sunnymom on my Dimples, but yeah she too is too old now to say ‘bad door’ or ‘sorry door’.
    I still do it with little Giggles, though 🙂 Is this why we keep having kids?

  11. faemom Says:

    I think it might be. It’s nice to have some one adore you. To soon they figure out that we aren’t nearly as adorable as they are.

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