Tornado S’s First Time Out

Tornado S is teething, which is the toddler equivalent to PMS.  Add to that Tornado S was upset that he couldn’t go outside with his Uncle M to feed the dog.  Tornado S is a pouter.  His temper tantrums include him falling to the floor, face first, sometimes crying.  Tornado S had yet to fall to the floor, but he was pouting.  Tornado E, being the tormenting older brother he was, couldn’t help let the opportunity go by without getting into Tornado S’s face and being . . . well, a brat.


So Tornado S did what any naturally pissed off, irritated, annoyed person does when confronted with a bully.


He hauled out and punched Tornado E in the face.  When I mean punch, I mean Tornado S cocked his fist back and threw his weight behind it.  Tornado E landed on the floor.


For a minute the world stood still, and the four grownups, Papi, Uncle M, Daddy, and me, didn’t know how to react.


A family story reemerged.




T was T, which is to say T was a tormentor.  He tormented me from the moment he could crawl, and then when M was born, well, it was just one more child to torment.  T just knew how to get under people’s skin, could see the weakness, knew this would get him attention.  So one day, T picked on M, who was just a mere toddler, over and over, ALL DAY.  M was a good natured little guy, enduring it with the fortitude of a rock, until the evening.  T was at M again, which probably wasn’t smart as M was as big as T, though two years younger.  Then in the midst of the teasing, M pulled back his fist and cocked T in the face.  My mother felt her hands were tied as T really did have it coming.




I wanted to laugh but knew it wouldn’t help.


Papi: Tornado S.  It’s time for time-out.


I snapped to action.


Me: Tornado S.  That was a wrong decision.  That was not nice.  Now you have to go into time-out.


I scooped up Tornado S and placed him in the make-shift time-out chair.  I set the timer for a minute and half.  Turning towards the crying Tornado S who was being reminded to stay there by Papi, I saw Tornado E going in for the kill as now Tornado S was a sitting duck.  I swooped in and sent Tornado E to play with Uncle M, rather than taunting his imprisoned little brother.


At the end of the time-out, where amazingly Tornado S stayed sitting the whole time, I placed Tornado S on my lap and told him I loved him and that he needed to hug his brother.


Tornado S went toward Tornado E to hug him.  Tornado E raised his arm, holding a stuff dragon.  I stuck out my arm to block the blow before it hit Tornado S.  Tornado E’s momentum kept going, sending him face first into my arm.  With a wail, Tornado E shouted “MOMMY HIT ME!”  DON’T HIT YOUR BROTHER.


Begun, the clone war has.

5 Responses to “Tornado S’s First Time Out”

  1. ck Says:

    DAMN. Our kids are so in sync that I guess I might as well get the timer ready, huh?

  2. Court Says:

    “Toddler equivalent to PMS” how true is that? I guess when we are in pain we think anything is fair game?

  3. KathyB! Says:

    It IS hard to punish them when they clearly had it coming. Wait until they get older. My middle child is a pest-extraordinnaire. She was going at one of her sisters the other day, and finally, the sister flew out of chair and knocked her over. I think I told her that it was luck she didn’t get shoved harder…. I have to work on that reponse… not sure that’s the best idea…

  4. Gibby Says:

    Uh oh! Let the games begin!!!

    I remember a time when my brother and I were yelling and fighting. My mom yelled up the stairs that she was sick and tired of hearing us fight. So, we did what any smart siblings would do…we fought silently. We kicked the s**t out of each other (silently), and if somebody needed to scream, we stopped and let them cringe in silence. Once OK, we continued on. It’s one of our favorite memories ever! Years later my mom told us that she heard the slapping and hitting going on as she laughed at the bottom of the stairs. And we were a normal family, I swear!

    Good luck!!

  5. faemom Says:

    ck~ Yes, Sean finds chewing on a bag of frozen edamame halpful.
    Court~ I guess we become self-centered in pain and see everyone else as non-humans. But really it’s both being cranky and at the mercy of something we can’t help.
    KathyB!~In my experience, nothing really helps. My mom tried it all, and we STILL fought like cats and dogs. Luckily no perminant damage was made, and we’re all friends now.
    Gibby~ I bet we could totally compare notes. My mom sent us outside, thinking we would give up fighting and beg to be let inside. Ha. Not so much.

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